The customer is being invited to read the following information and to print it for reference purposes.

About Us

Les MoMo Consulting is selling modules and components for music synthesizers that have been specifically designed to fullfill the requirements of musicians and live performances.

Les MoMo Consulting is introducing itself by means of this Internet site which is allowing the customer to learn about their offering and to place purchase orders easily. In addition Les MoMo Consulting is utilizing other Internet platforms for offering their merchandise.


No specific costs occur while using the internet site of Les MoMo Consulting.

Order, Contract

For the time being the site does not offer the possibility to place orders by means of an automatic handling system (eShop). Interested customers are being invited to browse the offering of Les MoMo Consulting and to place orders by means of sending an email or in form of a paper mail (offer).

Les MoMo Consulting will accept the offer by means of sending a confirmation or by shipping the merchandise with an invoice included. The customer will be informed separately in case the merchandise is no longer available.

With this acceptance a contract is being established between the customer and Les MoMo Consulting. The contract has been fulfilled with Les MoMo Consulting supplying the merchandise and the customer paying the purchase price, i.e. both activities will conclude the change of ownership.

Contract Language

Either English or German language are applicable for the contractual agreement and the business transaction itself.

Storage of data given and contract details

The personal data required to facilitate processing of the order, the acknowledgement of the order and the creation of the correspondent invoice, which repeat the item purchased and the purchase price, are being stored by Les MoMo Consulting. This information can be provided on request by email or in written form. The customer does approve the storage with placement of the order.

General Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen/AGB)

Herewith it is being explicitly stated that the General Terms and Conditions of Les MoMo Consulting are applicable for the business relationship between the customer and Les MoMo Consulting on online platforms.

The customer is asked to take notice of the General Terms and Conditions and to print them for reference purposes.

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